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FAQs, instruction manuals,
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Instructional Videos

Here we have a selection of videos to help you get started with the Proflush system. If you have any questions what so ever please contact us.

Powerflush Training

We offer advice at our training facility on how to power flush successfully.

Closed System

The correct methods used to power flush closed systems.

Can you make Powerflushing pay?

Here we discuss the costs of machines and the possible payback periods.

What do you want from a Powerflushing machine?

What are you looking for when buying a power flushing machine?

Industry Boiler sales down

Are people making do with inefficient boilers? Dirty systems are costing them even more money.

Call Outs

What to do to avoid those call outs.

Flushing out a system properly

How do you make sure the water inside the system is actually clean?

General tips for powerflushing

Here we offer some extra tips on how to power flush a system successfully.

Open Vented Systems

We discuss the correct methods in power flushing an open-vented system.

Products used to connect to a system

Here we look at the equipment used to connect your powerflushing machine to a system.

Connecting to a system

We look at the different methods of connecting your powerflushing machine to a system.


What do you get for your money when you open a ProFlush Professional box.

Flushing Machines

Proflush ensure all our power flushing machines provide you with supreme reliability and performance

Flushing Chemicals

Our range of chemicals are unique to Norstrom Proflush ? effective, better value, high performance chemicals.

Flushing Accessories

Proflush provide you with high quality no nonsense accessories to help make your job easier.

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