Prochem Descaler

Remove Lime Scale and Magnetite Build Up

Prochem? Descaler removes stubborn limescale and magnetite deposits. Limescale can cause banging noises on heat exchangers. The Prochem? Descaler is now an acid free fast acting chemical which does not need neutralising and will work well on a cold system where heat is not an option during the powerflush operation. Sold in 500ml bottles in concentrated form, same dosage rate 1 bottle to 100 Litres of system water i.e. normal 10 radiator system.

All above have a minimum order of 12 to a box, however the order can be mixed and matched with any of the chemicals to make a box of 12 with free carriage to UK Mainland addresses, please ask for off shore delivery costs.

Domestic Water Treatment Approval Scheme (DWTAS)

The longevity and efficiency of water heating primary circuits and boilers, including central heating systems, can be greatly improved by the use of chemical water treatment. The purpose of these treatment fluids in central heating systems is to:

  • Inhibit corrosion of vital metallic parts such as pipes and radiators
  • Prevent scaling up of the system, and in particular the boiler

In addition the fluid should not cause damage to plastic and rubber components of the system and should have a low environmental impact.

All chemical water treatment fluids certified by Build Cert are tested against standards drawn up by industry experts to ensure that they perform to the criteria above. Build Cert?s quality assurance requirements check that every bottle of water treatment fluid sold with its Build Cert DWTAS logo on it performs as well as the last. Build Cert DWTAS Approval allows boiler manufacturers, installers and consumers to have peace of mind that their hot water system is protected.

Water Treatment in the Building Regulations

In April 2006 the revised Building Regulations including ?Approved Document L: Conservation of Fuel and Power? (England and Wales) was published. In addition the ODPM published ?Domestic Heating Compliance Guide? to help users interpret the Approved Document.

The Domestic Heating Compliance Guide specifically requires the use of chemical inhibitors both for new build heating systems and when a new heat source (boiler) is fitted to an existing heating system. The Guide also refers to BS 7593:2006 ?Code of Practice for Treatment of Water in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems?.

The Guide states: ?Central heating systems should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed out before installing a new boiler. During final filling of a system, a chemical treatment formulation should be added to the primary circuit to control corrosion and the formation of scale and sludge. Reasonable provision would be to follow the guidance on how to prepare and commission systems given in BS 7593.?

Build Cert Approval

To ensure that chemical inhibitors meet a satisfactory performance requirement the manufacturers, Build Cert and laboratories developed the DWTA Industry Specification for the performance of Chemical Inhibitors for Use in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems (February 2006).

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