Long Life 410

Powdered High Performance System Cleaner

Long life 410 is a high performance multipurpose cleaner, which rapidly remover corrosion deposits and scale from new and aged systems. This product is designed especially for use with a Powerflushing machine to provide a quicker and more effective system flush whilst also restoring circulation the heating system. That being said Long Life 410 can be used with or without a Powerflushing machine. This Product is also one of the only water treatment chemicals on the market that will react with cold water meaning there is no need to waste time pre-heating the system or your machine before flushing.

  • REACTS WITH COLD WATER eliminating the need to pre-heat your Powerflusher or central heating system
  • Boosts system Performance and Efficiency
  • Rapidly remover sludge and debris from new and existing systems
  • Safe to use with all metal and plastics including Aluminium
  • Works with or without Powerflushing machine
  • Outstanding results when used with a Powerflushing machine
  • Low Environmental impact
  • Ready to use in minutes once mixed with water


Long Life 410 can be used to one of two ways:

  1. Long Life 410 can be used along side a Powerflushing machine to remove sludge and debris from a new or existing central heating system.
  2. Long Life 410 can be introduced directly into the full system by pouring you mixture into the Header Tank, Inline Mag Filter or though the Air Valve of the Radiator.

Long Life 410 100g sachets once mixed with 1L of water is capable of dealing with up to 100L of system water. (Roughly a 10 radiator system). If a high circulation pump is used, there is no need to dilute the product.

To speed up flushing time use the chemical in conjunction with a Powerflushing machine (preferably our Proflush Professional) by in introducing the chemical into the tank of your machine and flushing round until the system is clear of any sludge or blockages.


Circulate the Long Life 410 by using the system circulator at normal operating temperature for up to 24h depending on the quantity of deposits and build up of sludge in the system.

Liquid Powder
Appearance Clear Yellow White Powder
Density 1.04g/cm3 (at 20?C)
Apparent Density 770kg/cm3
pH Approx 7
Freezing Point < -1?C

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