Take to the Bottle

By August 25, 2016 March 21st, 2019 News

Gin and tonic, rum and Coke, or power-flushing and Proflush chemicals? They?re all great combinations, but only one is guaranteed not to cause a headache. In our Prochem range, we?ve got a corrosion inhibitor that?s safe for all metals and plastic systems, a sludge remover to shift those black magnetite deposits, and an acid-free de-scaler that works on a cold system without the need for neutralising.


All our chemicals are excellent quality, DWTAS approved and sold in handy, system-sized bottles. With a great deal whenever you order a case of 12, you get a product every bit as good as the market leading chemicals but at a much better price. And there?s more good news ? mixed cases are no problem. Just let us know the combination you need.