The thermal power flush machine

By November 23, 2015 March 21st, 2019 News

thermal power flush machineThe Norstrom Proflush Thermal Professional Power Flush Machine is renowned for being an exceptional quality power flush machine for a number of reasons.

Of course the build quality is second to none, being a UK product we have paid particular attention to using high quality components throughout the unit.? It share the same 50l heavy duty tank as the Standard and the Magmaster power flush machine and has the same ability to flush 40 radiators over 3 stories.

So what makes the Norstrom Proflush Thermal power flush machine so different?

It is of course the thermal heating system installed on this model that makes it different.?? Compared to other systems on the market this machine has some considerable advantages including:-

  • Heats the machines 50 Litres tank to 65?C in under 35 minutes
  • Can cut down time on site by an hour and a half
  • Speeds up chemical reaction time
  • 85?C Max operating temperature
  • Reverse & double dump as standard

In choosing the Norstrom Proflush Thermal power flush machine you should be able to speed up power flushing times and speed up chemical reaction time, which equates to a considerable time saving across the board.

All Norstrom Proflush machines are recognised by industry professionals up and down the country true professional power flushing machines. Compared to many other systems in the market place Proflush consistently is noted as high quality, efficient and ultra durable.

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