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By October 16, 2014 March 21st, 2019 News

Proflush the best power flush machine… helping keep Britain?s central heating systems clean and efficient for everyone!

The best power flush machine is the holly grail of plumbing conundrums, how do you bench mark all the ones on the market when they all say they do a great job?

If you are looking for the best power flush machine then you need to take care and understand a number of different factors, some of which are greater than simple specifications.

Norstrom Proflush are dedicated to ensuring the nations central heating systems are as clean and efficient as possible, so that every householder has the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and stay warm in winter.

The Norstrom Proflush team work tirelessly to provide the highest specification machines that flush central heating systems superbly, they know the benefits of efficient central heating.

We understand that keeping warm for so many people in winter isn’t just a nice to have it’s an essential.

Every year 3.5 million ?older people in the UK say they are dreading the cold weather in winter.

Our efforts in building industry leading power flush machines, coupled with the plumbing communities exceptional service can help make central heating systems much more efficient and so help them stay warmer.

The best power flush machine – it’s much more than amazing specifications

At Norstrom Proflush we know our machines are high specification affordable power flush machines, that perform tirelessly and continuously for years.? We also know they’ll provide you with amazing service day in day out – that’s why our guarantee is possibly the best in the industry.? At Norstrom we know the end users, we are all end users and we understand the British Winters, we are a Great British company and understand that our machines play a significant part in helping to keep Britain warm this Winter.

So when it comes to finding the best power flush machine, we know our machines are superb quality, great value for money, last a lifetime and all backed by a 3 year warranty.? What is it that makes Proflush the best power flush machine company, is that we know the impact our machines can have up and down the country, it’s why we make our machines as great as they are.

From our research and development, manufacture, chemicals, delivery, customer service and after sales support, not to mention the warranty, we’re on a mission to keep Britain’s central heating systems clean and efficient for everyone.

Take a look at the best power flushing machine units Proflush have on offer, we’re sure you’ll find they are hard to beat!

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